Emeralds are one of the most difficult gemstones to correctly evaluate and price. AZemerald has spent many years perfecting our skills and is considered one of a small group of emerald experts in the USA. We have now incorporated and all future sales will be through our new corporation Gemstones Loose Inc. This site is purely for informational purposes now.

colombian emeralds

Colombian Muzo Emerald

Generally, we specialize in high quality Colombian and Zambian emeralds in the $1,000 to $5,000 per carat price range. Brazilian emeralds below the $1,000 per carat range are also available. AZemerald is an online retailer only and purchases emeralds from local cutters in Colombia, from wholesale suppliers in the USA, or rough gemstones that we have cut to our specifications. We have a low overhead and do not maintain a large inventory. As a result, you can expect very competitive prices. Most customers are looking for a specific emerald and come to us because they are unable to find what they are looking for elsewhere. Please look through the emerald selection AZemerald has sold over the years on this website to a get a good idea of prices and what your preferences in color and clarity may be. AZemerald offers incredible customer service so when you purchase from us, you are always speaking to an expert who has only your interests in mind. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation with suppliers, customers, and peers. Finding the perfect emerald for you is our goal. Once it is determined what you are looking for, two or three choices can be shipped in overnight that match your criteria. We then accurately photographs your options, provides an honest assessment of each gemstone, and email you the photos and descriptions. If one is perfect for you, great! However, AZemerald will gladly send back any options and look for something else. AZemerald is committed to finding something you are truly confident in purchasing. Approximately half of AZemerald’s customers want lab reports to go along with their purchase. AZemerald uses the American Gemological Laboratories (AGL) exclusively for reports. The cost of a report is separate from the cost of the emerald. AGL is the only lab in the USA that AZemerald trusts to evaluate and grade colored gemstones. AZemerald uses the AGL system to provide all descriptions to our customers. Please be aware that AGL reports do not assess the value of a gemstone, but do provide you with information about the quality of the emerald. The price of a lab report ranges from $55 to $240 depending on the degree of detail you would like. Turnaround time for an AGL report is typically 3 weeks.